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My Story

Charlotte Price is an English rider who is now based in Queensland at “Kelecyn”, the home of McNab Eventing and CPM Equestrian in picturesque Tamborine.

“I started riding from a very early age with my mum and my aunties. Our family has always had horses, but I was not allowed to get one until I was 11. Before that I went for regular lessons at a riding school near our Derbyshire home and rode my cousins’ horses in school holidays and at Pony Club Camps in Cumbria.”Eventually, after continuous nagging, Charlotte’s parents gave in and along came Ebony who was a fat little 12hh grey Thelwell type pony with the attitude to match!  She was a freebie as no one could stay on her when she was bucking!  She bucked Charlotte off nearly every day until she figured out how to stay on her and eventually grew too big for her to do it anymore! After Ebony Charlotte got a 14.1hh grey mare that was a very good jumper but not much into the dressage, so she did a lot of local show jumping competitions and Pony Club stuff with her. Jazz unfortunately sustained and injury and had to spend a little time out and along came Oliver to fill the gap. He was as equally character building as the other two but they have made Charlotte into the rider she is today. 

Charlotte started eventing in 2002. While having a show jumping lesson at the local Hope Valley Riding Club one evening. Charlotte got offered the ride on her coach, Sarah Healy’s horse because she was pregnant at the time and she thought it might be fun for her to try eventing.  The Megan was a 2** eventer when they became a team, and they started off together doing one pre-novice, one novice and one intermediate novice event before they represented the Midlands and North East JRN team in 2002 at Weston Park CCI 1*. Charlotte was then long listed for the Junior European Eventing team in 2003 and has been on the QLD Eventing Elite Squad in 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016 and the QLD Performance Squad in 2013. Backing up with a future squads selection for 2019.

Charlotte has been lucky enough to have worked for some top international riders. Stefanie Thompson GER, Gill Watson GBR, Dag Albert SWE, Kevin McNab AUS. Working with all of these professional riders and in a professional environment has been so valuable in learning about the ever-evolving equestrian industry and can’t thank them enough for helping her on her path to running her own business. 

“After working for Stef for a few years, I went freelance riding/grooming and went to WEG in Aachen (2006) with Dag Albert and the Swedish team. During this time, I met various people and made many contacts, I also spent some time in Ireland seeing how eventing was done over there. That is when I got the call from Kevin McNab who was looking for a rider for his Australian based business ‘Kelecyn Equestrian Services’ as the rider who was with him, Jock Paget, was going to start up his own yard in Sydney. I wasn’t so keen on the idea of going to the other side of the world for a horse riding job, but everyone said it would be a good opportunity. In the back of my mind I knew that if it didn’t work out, I could go travelling for a while and then come back to the UK and try to start up my own yard! Well … I have been in Australia since 2007 – so I guess it must have worked out alright.”

Charlotte loved ponies from a young age

Charlotte & The Megan

Competing on The Lady of Cashel
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