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SJ ARENA CLOSED 23&24 September

(Dressage arena & XC available)


XC Closes 6/10/2023- 23/10/2023


FULL Grounds Closures

TEG -ODE 20, 21&22 October 2023

Arena Hire

$30 per horse


XC Paddock Only

$30 per horse

Hire Info

1h booking sessions - $30 per horse

All bookings and payments must now be made online prior to entering the property.

Further information about how to book is on each booking page.

1 hour time slots and bookings are required for the use of the arenas, so we can manage the numbers of riders at any given time, then you are welcome to go XC for your desired time, it is not limited to 1h.

XC Only bookings do need to be made for an available time slot, you are welcome to go XC for your desired amount of time, it is not limited to 1h.

Note that some dates and times will be made unavailable due to events and weather. 

Yearly Members - You also need to book online, please enter your coupon code

Enjoy and we hope to see you riding at Kelecyn soon.

Yearly  Grounds

Individual ( 1 rider, 1 horse)

o   Yearly $400 / 6 Months $300


Pro (1 rider, multiple horses)

o   Yearly $550 / 6 months $400 

Family or Stud (Max of 4 people)

o   Yearly $700 / 6 Months $550

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